We love our job.

Stress has to stay away from our company.

Producing the smallest Kevlar® Jeans was a joke from our design department to our managers.
Apart from joke, this mini Kevlar® jean was designed in our computer pattern software. It is water-resistant with membrane and has a complete Kevlar® layer inside.

We enjoy production!


Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark.

Kevlar® Jeans for beginners

Kevlar® Jeans for beginners
Why Kevlar®, which type of Kevlar®, which Kevlar® thread, which construction with Kevlar®…
Riders do not want to look like old riders anymore. Most of the riders are using their bikes in the city. Morover, thanks to Kevlar®, results show that our jeans are much stronger than regular motorbike pants so, what’s the point of wearing hard, uncomfortable and multi layer pants that cannot be washed as much as we need…
“Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark” We have to use this sentence anywhere we talk about Kevlar®. However, using Kevlar® in jeans is not enough. First, we need suitable Kevlar® yarn for certain purposes. Kevlar® has many different applications such as worker gloves, military helmets, bulletproof vest, etc. In addition to that, pre-production is very critical. Based on our researches and laboratory abrasion tests, we found out that using more Kevlar® for any production does not bring better abrasion results. It has to be in the correct amount also.
1- Kevlar panels: most companies in the market are
producing this kind of Kevlar® jeans. On this model, Kevlar® is used only on the impact areas at the inside of the jeans – which is safe. On this production, Kevlar® is used at knees, outside and bottom part of the jeans which are also called as “contact zones” in terms of accidents.
2- Complete Kevlar® on complete front and back side.  Kevlar® Jeans produced by this way have a bit higher production cost because of using more Kevlar®. Outer Jean fabric has a second Kevlar® layer.
3- Kevlar® threads inside of denim. Denim has two different threads; the one we see from outside and the second which is at the back side. Kevlar® or Kevlar®-mix thread can be used at the back side of denim. Our tests show thatabrasion result of this production is much lower than the other production. We are still working on these productions.
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Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark.

Water repellency

It is quite common to use these kind of pictures on the products. There is nothing to hide. It is not difficult if proper chemicals are used and proper conditions are applied.
There were too many choices out there and we are looking for the optimum solution for water repellency. As a result, our water repellency solution is economic and maintains for 10-20 washing.

The main advantage is that fabric maintains the same softness after the application.
If repellency is not enough and membrane solution is required, we are here to assist you.  100 washings at 100 degrees would be enough…

Is it only product?

Product is only one part of our business. We have to provide more for our partners. New ideas, new technologies and better delivery solutions…
Our partners always get more than the product itself. We are proud of our final success.
In order to improve our services, we keep searching to bring more for you…

How do different specialities come together in one company?

It is a very common question. Considering the result which satisfies ourpartnerssuccessfully we can say that we are doing our job well.
We have high skilled experts in each department and have flexible working conditions. Thanks to overall experience of our team, our flexibility provides advantages such as low cost and new ideas for our partners.
Young and creative team members know how to proceed and work together for one goal very well.
Moreover, using the latest technology in every steps of our business makes things easier for both partners and us.

Original Kevlar®

We keep searching and producing different Kevlar® fabrics for our customers’ products. Currently, we have 5 different productions with Kevlar® and 2 ongoing projects to develop brand new Kevlar® fabrics.

We love sharing our experience. However, confidentiality comes before our wishes. Although we have hundreds of pages experience and research results with Kevlar®, we have to keep quite.
Tech90 confirms that all of our Kevlar® products have original Kevlar® yarn by DuPont.
Jeans, jackets, hoodies, shirts and underwears are among our Kevlar® products.

Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark.