Is it only product?

Product is only one part of our business. We have to provide more for our partners. New ideas, new technologies and better delivery solutions…
Our partners always get more than the product itself. We are proud of our final success.
In order to improve our services, we keep searching to bring more for you…

How do different specialities come together in one company?

It is a very common question. Considering the result which satisfies ourpartnerssuccessfully we can say that we are doing our job well.
We have high skilled experts in each department and have flexible working conditions. Thanks to overall experience of our team, our flexibility provides advantages such as low cost and new ideas for our partners.
Young and creative team members know how to proceed and work together for one goal very well.
Moreover, using the latest technology in every steps of our business makes things easier for both partners and us.

Original Kevlar®

We keep searching and producing different Kevlar® fabrics for our customers’ products. Currently, we have 5 different productions with Kevlar® and 2 ongoing projects to develop brand new Kevlar® fabrics.

We love sharing our experience. However, confidentiality comes before our wishes. Although we have hundreds of pages experience and research results with Kevlar®, we have to keep quite.
Tech90 confirms that all of our Kevlar® products have original Kevlar® yarn by DuPont.
Jeans, jackets, hoodies, shirts and underwears are among our Kevlar® products.

Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark.